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CPD Accredited, Online and Self Paced Dog Courses

CPD Accredited, Online and
Self Paced Dog Courses

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CPD Accredited Courses

Courses are accredited by The CPD Standards Office
Provider Number: 60082
The CPD Standards Office have reviewed each accredited course for content and quality and set out the framework of learning objectives.
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Qualified Professionals

All Canine Principles Online Dog Courses have been written by qualified professionals with expertise on their chosen subject. Care has been taken to create a course library that is based on only the most up to date dog science. Courses that teach dog training and behaviour will only ever follow the science of positive reinforcement and reward based training.

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The Dog Rescuers Guide

Designed to raise awareness and knowledge on the understanding of dogs. It’s suitable for anyone that is considering bringing a dog into their home and their family.  

What Do Our Students Say?

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I signed up to this course but wanted to become a dog walker and wasn’t sure where to start. The flexible course format (study at your own pace, submit assignments when you’re ready) meant I could complete the diploma alongside my other commitments and not feel overwhelmed! A huge benefit is the online study group which made me feel part of a learning and working community and gave me a sort of ‘real world’ context. The biggest surprise was the amount of confidence the diploma gave me in starting my business. I’m sure I’ll refer back to the course material in the future too.
Rhiannon Kay
Dog Walking, Boarding & Care Diploma
The reading material is clearly written, logically structured and presented, and easy to follow. It gives a great basic grounding in the issues faced by rescue dogs and lots of positive advice on training and building a bond with your dog. The course goes at your pace and the further reading and resources lists give you plenty opportunity to delve further into areas. There are no tricks in the assessment questions, you are asked to demonstrate your knowledge and you will be surprised at how much you had forgotten you knew! I would highly recommend this course to anyone with (or considering) a rescue dog to be part of their lives.
Patricia Templeton
Rescue Dog Advanced Certificate
Surely a must for every dog owner and  professional. This vet-written course assumes no prior medical knowledge and so is in no way daunting. It moves through the many hazards, signs of illness, and injuries dog may suffer and gives clear and simple but detailed information on what to look for, how to provide primary care, and when it’s necessary to get to the vet. Having completed this course, I was much calmer and objective when one of our dogs was unwell recently. I knew what to check and how to monitor for her getting worse and, thankfully, better. This course gave me the skills and confidence to know that my girl was going to be OK and, as she has a deep fear of vets, I was delighted that Canine Principles had put me in a position to be able to avoid that for her.
Fiona Gemmell
Canine First Aid Certificate
This course went well beyond my expectations. The content was very in-depth and the module materials flowed very well.  The structure of the course encourages you not just to pass, but excel in the subject matter. One of the greatest joys was implementing the material learnt from the modules in physical training sessions. The tutor is extremely in-tuned with the course and is always there to give general guidance and quick marking turn-around times. The tutor also gives significant feedback and helps encourage exploring the subject matter further. My tutor for this course was an expert search handler with years of international experience. The customer service was excellent and very friendly. The response times and support were excellent. The course modules will remain great reference for years to come.
Karsten von Hoesslin
Search Dog Handler Diploma

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