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A selection of books from the Canine Principles team and other notable Authors. Suitable as stand-alone reading or as reference guides for Canine Principles course work.

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A guide to changing the lives of dogs with reactivity.
Illustrations, photographs and explanations of canine communication.
How to teach search and scentwork, to settle your energetic and aroused dog.
Based on the real-life rehabilitation of Holly, the writer’s Yorkie and puppy farm survivor.
The coaching steps to help overcome the internal response that cause reactivity.
A guide to recognising if your dog is fearful and advice to aid you.
Learn how fear, anxiety and stress affect the dog.
Remembrances from a lifetime of dogs, reconstructed with the input of the dogs themselves.
Guiding the dog and handler through easy-to-follow, training protocols resulting in an imprinted dog. 
How the New Science of Dog Behavior Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet.
This important book shows that animals have rich emotional lives.
What goes on in dogs’ heads and hearts—and how much can we know and understand?
A field guide to giving your canine companion the best life possible.
An exploration of the ambiguous ethics at the heart of pet-keeping relationships.
A revolutionary perspective on how we interact with dogs now.
This is a fresh look at the world of dogs, from the dog's point of view.
Examining all aspects of the 'dog-human bond' and  the complexity of this unique interspecies pairing.
The information that every dog has about the world of scent is unthinkably rich. 
How our canine friends see the world - adapted for a younger audience.
Examining the 'dog-human bond' - adapted for a younger audience.
Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0
New Practical Techniques For Fear, Frustration, and Aggression
A Practical, Force-Free Guide to Problem Solving & Manners.
The Game-Changing Guide to Understanding Your Dog's Behavior
Harnessing Predatory Chasing in Family Dogs through Motivation-Based Training.
Unleash Your Dog's Desire to Return to You through Motivation-Based Training
Super-fast recalls, great loose lead walking, perfect manners and much, MUCH more...
Steve's seven active ingredients will teach you how to solve any problem behaviours.
Imagine being able to have your own personal dog trainer on hand 365 days of the year...
This book is filled with easy, fun and super-cool exercises for you and your dog to do together.
Respected dog trainer and social psychologist, Zazie Todd, demystifies the inner life of canines.
An interactive guide for guardians of dogs who behave aggressively.
A manual for both students of dog training and established professionals
All sentient beings, not just the ones who happen to be human, are eligible for basic rights.
A guide for professional animal trainers to understanding the concept of empowerment.
A comprehensive technical manual, written for animal behavior professionals.
Identifying triggers and creating plans to improve life quality for dog's.
How to Prevent and Treat Separation Anxiety.
Help for the Leash-Reactive Dog
Welcoming an Adopted Dog into Your Home.
Help your puppy or adult dog learn a lifetime of good house training habits.
An illustrated A-Z guide to canine body postures.