Is Walking Your Dog A Stressful Event?

The Ethical Owner's Guide To Walking A Worried Dog
  • Course Author: Sally Gutteridge
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CPD Accredited Course

Easy Walks With Reactive Dogs

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Turn Your Stressful Walks In To Calm, Happy Interactions

We can easily get into a situation where walking our dogs is stressful, especially if they react to other dogs, or are scared and anxious. This course is designed to help you understand your dog’s reactive behaviour and guide you through ten practical steps to positive change. Created specifically with walking in mind and for guardians who are worried about their dog’s behaviour on walks.

First we cover the reasons for behaviour changes on walks and how your dog may be feeling. Then we explore canine communication and how you can recognise your dog's emotional state through their body language and facial expression. Next we move onto step by step instructions for teaching new and helpful reactions through positive canine coaching. Finishing on a confidence test and collection of your certificate.On successful completion of this course, you will understand;
  • How to use enlightened observation to understand your dog
  • Motivators, reward types and reward scheduling in Canine Coaching
  • Your dog’s natural safe distances
  • Canine coaching skills and how to put good choices on cue
  • How to recognise and protect your dog’s safety bubble
  • The importance of your dog’s resilience and how to build it
  • How to recognise your own effect on your dog on walks and in situations where he reacts
  • The importance of balance and how to create it
  • The importance of using the right walking equipment
  • The use of biofeedback for both you and your dog
  • Why food is magic!
  • Why even the worst days have good bits
  • How to teach your dog to move away from something quickly. 
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