Need To Train Your Dog But Don't Know How?

Learn How To Coach Your Dog Like A Science Based Professional
  • Course Author: Sally Gutteridge
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CPD Accredited Course

Positive Dog Training For Ethical Owners

  • Study Level: Foundation
  • 10 Hour Self-Paced CPD
  • Instant Lifetime Access
  • 5 Online Modules
  • 2 Certificates of Completion
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  • Included In Skill-Hub Subscription
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Would You Like To Train Your Dog Like The Professionals?

This course is designed to make positive canine coaching accessible and understandable for everyone. First we cover the basis of positive reinforcement and science based dog training. Then we explore canine communication and how you can recognise your dog's feelings through their body language and facial expression. Next we move onto step by step instructions for teaching new and helpful choices through positive canine coaching. Finishing on a confidence test and collection of your certificate.

On successful completion of this course, you will understand;
  • How to motivate your dog to make better choices
  • How to teach your dog to come when called every time
  • Marker introduction and use in positive training
  • How to teach your dog to stop pulling and walk nicely on the lead
  • How to capture, lure and shape excellent choices from your dog
  • How to stop your dog from jumping up
  • How to read your dog's body language and tell if he's confused or worried during training
  • How to teach your dog not to hoard or guard resources
  • How to get and keep your dog's attention
  • How you can teach your dog to control their impulses to bark or chase
  • How to target your dog to your hand and use that to build your relationship.
  • How to teach your dog to relax
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