How Do You Help A Scared Dog?

Settling A Fearful Rescue Dog Takes Knowledge, Understanding, Observation And Skill.
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Fearful Dog Rehabilitation

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Delicate Dogs Need Delicate Handling

A comprehensive introduction to successfully dealing with canine fear; this workshop will help you understand, manage and rehabilitate a scared rescue dog. Including canine communication, the nature of fear, how a scared dog can learn helplessness, the importance of choices, housetraining, walking and much more. Suitable for new dog guardians and people who have a scared dog and don't know how to help them. The workshop will also help professionals who may work with scared dogs and advise their people, in their daily role as a canine professional.

This workshop also includes the Printable eBook Fearful Dog Rehabilitation - Life With A Puppy Farm Rescue by Sally Gutteridge.

On successful completion of this course, you will understand;
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Course Author
Sally Gutteridge

  • Author
  • Canine Behaviour Practitioner
  • Canine Principles Director of Studies
Sally Gutteridge has been a full-time educational writer since 2015, holding a variety of canine certifications up to level 5/6. She is a former professional Dog Trainer with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, a former instructor with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and has much rescue experience. Sally is a member of the Pet Professional Guild. She is an award-winning graduate of The Writers Bureau. Sally lives in Staffordshire with her ever-patient husband and four rescued, cheeky terriers.

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