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Self Understanding For Dog People
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Understand & Overcome Imposter Syndrome

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Learn To Realise How Excellent You Actually Are!

Impostor syndrome is a very difficult thing to live with, capable of wreaking havoc in our lives and seriously damaging career prospects. In this workshop, you will gain greater understanding of what impostor syndrome is and how to know if your doubts and fears are linked to impostor syndrome. You will also gain some tools and techniques to help free yourself from the influence of the intrusive negative thoughts.
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Course Author
Jay Gurden

  • Author
  • Specialist in Reactive Behaviour
Jay started out her canine life on a farm with working border collies. The farm and the sheep have gone but the collies remain! The arrival of one young dog who finds life hard to deal with resulted in beginning to study dogs, which quickly became a passion leading to a new career as a canine writer, with a particular passion for understanding complex dogs and reactive behaviour, and aiding those that share their lives with those dogs to understand and help them.
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