30 Day Program

Does Your Dog Bark At Everyone They See?

Enrol On The 30 Day Program For A Real And Permanent Solution For You And Your Dog
  • Course Author: Sally Gutteridge
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CPD Accredited Workshop

Inspiring Resilience In Fearful & Reactive Dogs

  • Study Level: Foundation
  • 15 Hours Self-Paced CPD
  • Instant Lifetime Access
  • 30 Video Workshops
  • 2 Certificates of Completion
  • Downloadable Content
  • Included In Skill-Hub Subscription
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Do You Live With Canine Reactivity and Need To Create Change?

Based on the #1 Bestselling Book Inspiring Resilience In Fearful And Reactive Dogs

Developed for all learner styles, with audio videos, slideshows, subtitles, transcripts and printouts. The 30 Day program is designed to help you to understand canine reactive behaviour in manageable daily steps; building natural canine understanding easily, for long-term positive change.

Designed for completion in 30 days; the purpose of each day is learning an important lesson that ultimately creates long term positive change. The course is built carefully enough to take you from Day 1 to Day 30 without overwhelm.

Like having an empowering canine behaviour specialist & friend in your life, helping you to both understand your dog and make your lives easier. 

You Will Learn:
  • Observation
  • The Dog's Safety Bubble
  • Canine Body Language
  • Canine Stress
  • Balance and Behaviour
  • Changing Reactive Behaviour
  • Canine Fear & Anxiety
  • The Foundation of Positive Canine Coaching
  • Building Your Dog's Confidence
  • Transforming Damaging Habits Into Good Dog Choices
  • How Canine Wellness Affects Choices and Behaviour
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