How Do I Become A Professional Dog Writer?

Use your dog knowledge and expertise to write professionally and easily sell your work! 

Dog Writing for Professionals

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Hands Up If This Is You...

  You want to educate way more people about dogs?
  You would like to write books, blogs or journalistic articles about dogs but don't know where to start?
  Starting to write about dogs seems overwhelming?
  You would love to write full-time?
  Earning a passive income would be a huge benefit and you could use a few extra £100's a month?
  You don't know if there's a market for your dog writing or where to look for it if there is? 
  You have no idea where to find writing clients or sell your writing?

As someone who runs dog courses I’m always on the lookout for new and educated, excellent dog writers. I have procured a few and continue to do so – but everyone wants a brilliant and ethical dog writer, the best ones are stretched thin.

This is excellent news for you though, if you want to write about dogs, the market is yours. There are so many things you can be paid for. Blog posts, copy for websites, articles for magazines, self-published books, courses, sales writing and so on, there’s an abundance of need. Need extra cash? Want to earn from home? Simply use the knowledge you have and communicate it through words.

There are online freelance websites which are packed with writers, but none of them dog experts. These websites also have an abundance of people desperate to find a good dog writer and pay them for quality work. No good business owner wants to introduce bad writing, bad advice or poor methods as part of their reputation. They need someone who genuinely cares about dogs enough to learn the science, to learn positive reinforcement and to hone a new writing skill sharing that knowledge with others.

I have been both, a freelance dog writer based on a career as a dog trainer/behaviour pro and now a client looking for freelancers. It’s been a long road for me, from reader’s letters to published books, from blogging for others, to a dog course website with nearly 12k members. Step by step and learning along the way.

I know what you need to do, and I can help you do it. You can use my knowledge and guidance as a shortcut. Your writing clients are waiting for you, you just have to commit to your writing 100% - but that won’t be hard because it’s fun.

The dog courses @ Canine Principles are high quality/low price for a reason. I want the knowledge to be accessible, much more than I want to make as much as possible per student. I don’t feel so bad charging a little more for this course though, because you will make the money back very quickly – IF you apply yourself properly.

So, let’s get you started – how exciting!

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Course Author

Sally Gutteridge

  • Author
  • Canine Behaviour Practitioner
  • Canine Principles Director of Studies
Sally Gutteridge has been a full-time educational writer since 2015, holding a variety of canine certifications up to level 5/6. She is a former professional Dog Trainer with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, a former instructor with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and has much rescue experience. Sally is a member of the Pet Professional Guild. She is an award-winning graduate of The Writers Bureau.Sally lives in Lichfield with her ever-patient husband and four rescued, cheeky terriers.

Sounds Great. What Do I Get?

The Professional Dog Writer course is fully comprehensive and will introduce you to getting paid for words, step by step. Sign up today for lifetime access. 

  • A blueprint for writing success.
  • Introduction on writing in the dog niche, in many capacities - and being properly paid for your work. 
  • A professional assessment of your blogging skills.
  • A professional assessment of your freelance writing profile and proposal skills.
  • Access to a bespoke dog writing Facebook group with people only on this course where writing projects and opportunities are posted regularly. .  
  • A bespoke opportunity to have all your writing questions answered at the end of the course. 
  • Certificate of achievement. 

We cover so much in this course, from where to find your first clients, pricing, how and why to build your reputation as a dog writer, freelancing, journalism and so on. It is the only fully comprehensive writing course available to dog professionals and I promise you, it really works. 

Course Contents

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