Improve Your Bond & Play In Your Dog's Language

How to make the most of your bond with your dog and understand their needs through play
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Canine Bonding & Play

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Understand How Dogs Play To Create a Stronger Bond

Play is a language all of its own, and dogs play in a very specific way. Once you understand what's going on for your dog, or the dog you're caring for, it's so much easier to build that lasting, loving, magical bond between canine and human - a bond that has joined our two species for more than fourteen thousand years.This workshop reveals the kind of bonding and playing that leads to stronger relationships. Join us to explore how you can improve the bond with your dog by learning to understand their play needs. This workshop covers a number of insightful sub-topics including:
  • What it's like for dogs to live with humans and other species
  • The bond we have with dogs
  • Dog-human communication
  • Why empathy should always be at the forefront of our minds
  • Dog welfare
  • Exactly how our dogs play, and why
  • Dog engagement
  • Fixed action patterns, and how we can use them to play with our dogs
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Course Author
Sally Gutteridge

  • Author
  • Canine Behaviour Practitioner
  • Canine Principles Director of Studies