Need Help Marketing Your Dog Business?

Expand Your Client Base With Professional Marketing - 30 Day Program
  • Course Author: Laura Bailey
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Dog Biz Marketing Boost
30 Day Program

  • Study Level: Foundation
  • 15 Hours Self-Paced CPD
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Power Up Your Marketing And Grow Your Dog Business!

  • Is your dog business client base not growing as quickly as you want it to grow?
  • Are you worried that your dog business is not going to get off the ground?
  • Are you checking your phone and emails regularly just in case you have missed an all important new client call?
  • Are you desperate to work with dogs long term but worried it might not pay enough?
  • Are you blaming yourself for lack of clients?
This might surprise you but often the reason we don't get new clients into our business is because they don't know who we are or even that our services exist at all. Learning how to reach potential clients and show them that they need your services is crucial to the success of any business. In addition, not everyone is your ideal customer, learning how to target your marketing not only to potential customers but to your ideal customers will boost your dog biz like nothing else.

Join Laura Bailey, marketing guru, for a dog business marketing power-up 30 day program. We love 30 day programs because they change habits and teach new skills without overwhelm. Every day you learn something new, every new practice you grow your biz, so join us today. 
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Course Author
Laura Bailey

  • Social Media Marketer
Laura Bailey is passionate about helping people succeed. 16 years in the corporate sector provided Laura with the skills required to run a successful business. Laura has worked with hundreds of business owners, providing them with the skills and social media knowledge required to run a successful business.  

Laura runs a social and online marketing business called Serious About Social and has a proven track record of helping people create and grow a successful business, achieve their dreams and be happy in their work. From social media management to teaching the tools and techniques required to get you hitting those sales targets, Laura will help!