What Is Canine Extinction?

Learn How To Recognise, Avoid And Use Extinction When Working With Dogs And Puppies
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Understanding Canine Extinction

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What Is Extinction, In Canine Behaviour Terms?

Why might a dog's behaviour get worse before it gets better? Because they are experiencing an extinction burst. The team extinction refers to purposefully and consistently preventing reinforcement of unwanted behaviour until the dog stops offering the behaviour, i.e. that behaviour is then extinguished. So, it occurs in dog learning when a reward no longer occurs when the unwanted behaviour is presented. This workshop covers extinction in detail. We also consider why and when it occurs and how we can get beyond it with positive behaviour modification and understanding.

Join Anna Jane Brehaut to study the presence of extinction within canine behaviour and what we can do about it.
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Course Author
Anna Jane Brehaut

  • Author
  • Canine Coach & Behaviourist
Anna Jane Brehaut is the founder and owner of Canine Behaviour Guernsey in the Channel Islands. A former journalist and news editor, Anna qualified in canine behaviour initially to help her eldest cockapoo who suffered with resource guarding issues.

Canine Behaviour Guernsey was founded in 2017 after Anna recognised the need for a full-time practicing behaviour practitioner on the island. She works closely with the local animal welfare charity, the GSPCA, and is passionate about coaching animals with kindness and understanding. She is a member of the Pet Professional Network and has a special interest in resource guarding and scent work.

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