Does Taking Your Dog To The Vet Fill You With Dread? 

Learn How To truly Help Your Dog Cope With Regular And Emergency Vet Visits
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HELP! My Dog Is Scared of the Vets

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Preparation And Resilience Are Paramount To Successful Vet Visits

We may live with a dog who is scared of the vets. We may even be advising clients on successful vet visits for already worried dogs. It could be we've had a rescue dog and we don't know their history, but they've come with that bad association. It may be that the dog has an ongoing pain issue and that issue obviously will cause discomfort and they'll be pulled around and poked about by the vets, which exacerbates their pain, which of course, creates fear of the vet through association. The good news is, there are lots of things we can do to help those reactive and those sensitive dogs and this presentation covers many things you can do to help any dog cope with the vets.  
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Course Author
Toni Shelbourne

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  • Accredited Animal Behaviourist
  • Tellington TTouch Practitioner
Toni Shelbourne has three decades of experience working with dogs and wild canids. She is a behaviourist (Full member of INTODogs & ICAN), Tellington TTouch Practitioner, Real Dog Yoga Instructor and author of three books and co-author of the HELP! My Dog book series. She lives in Oxfordshire, England where she sees clients, runs workshops and gives talks and webinars.

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