How Much Sleep Do Dogs Need?

Understand Your Dog Sleep Patterns, Why They May Be Restless And How To Help Them Properly Relax
  • Course Author: Toni Shelbourne
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Dog Tired - Canine Sleep

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Why is sleep so important for our dogs, and how can we help them to settle? 

This fascinating webinar by dog behaviourist Toni Shelbourne covers the process of sleep, rest patterns and wellness through proper rest for our dogs. A completely unique look at how dogs sleep, sleep problems with dogs and what lack of sleep or disturbed sleep can cause. You will never look at your sleeping dog in the same way again.
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Course Author
Toni Shelbourne

  • Author
  • Accredited Animal Behaviourist
  • Tellington TTouch Practitioner
Toni Shelbourne has three decades of experience working with dogs and wild canids. She is a behaviourist (Full member of INTODogs & ICAN), Tellington TTouch Practitioner, Real Dog Yoga Instructor and author of three books and co-author of the HELP! My Dog book series. She lives in Oxfordshire, England where she sees clients, runs workshops and gives talks and webinars.