Does Your Dog Have A Functional Character?

Discover the potential for functional personality types within the world of the domestic dog
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Canine Functional Characters

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When Did You Last Consider Your Dog's Ancient Nature?

Join Dr Isla Fishburn in a fascinating exploration of the ancient nature of the dogs in our homes. Isla discusses functional characters, how to recognise them and consider them as part of our dog's individuality and communication styles. This workshop is an invaluable 90 minutes of shared knowledge from an amazing canine educator. 
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Course Author
Dr. Isla Fishburn

  • Zoologist
  • Conservation Biologist
  • Wolf Handler
Dr. Isla Fishburn created Kachina Canine. Her focus is on ecosystem health from the individual level up. She combines science with indigenous wisdom to better the life of dogs in all aspects of their wellness, including how the wellness state of a dog's human can effect the dog. Isla focuses on deepening the connection of a human to live intuitively so that their dog will operate from a place of energetic alignment. Isla combines her knowledge as a zoologist, conservation biologist, shamanic practitioner and wolf handler to bring teachings about how to improve the emotional, physical, spiritual, nutritional and mental state of a dog. She is deeply focused on teaching and exploring the importance of vibrational health and living from a place of authenticity. 

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