Learn The Language Of Dogs

Everyone who lives with a dog should take time to learn canine communication
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Canine Communication:
The Language Of A Species

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Communication Is Paramount To Excellent Relationships

Excellent communication is relevant to interaction between all individuals, whether sharing information within or outside our own species. As humans, we already have an entire range of listening blocks with each other, so with dogs with a completely different language. So, how do we even manage to communicate at all?
Thankfully dogs know our limits, so have spent hundreds of years perfecting their own communication skills to cope with the self-imposed boundaries of ours. The dogs in our homes are signalling, passing messages and displaying obvious requests most of the time. The humble house dog is a master communicator. Everyone who lives or spends time with any dog should repay the favour of putting effort in to learn dog language. It’s essential that we can tell whether our dogs are relaxed, coping, scared, stressed or trying to escape. In addition, it’s wonderful for them if we read their small cut-off gestures and adhere to them with respect.
This workshop also includes the Printable eBook Canine Communication The Language Of A Species by Sally Gutteridge 
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Course Author
Sally Gutteridge

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  • Canine Behaviour Practitioner
  • Canine Principles Director of Studies
Sally Gutteridge has been a full-time educational writer since 2015, holding a variety of canine certifications up to level 5/6. She is a former professional Dog Trainer with the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, a former instructor with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, and has much rescue experience. Sally is a member of the Pet Professional Guild. She is an award-winning graduate of The Writers Bureau. Sally lives in Staffordshire with her ever-patient husband and four rescued, cheeky terriers.

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