What Is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

Learn How To Coach Your Dog With Positive Methods and Force Free Skills
  • Course Author: Anna Jane Brehaut & Sally Gutteridge
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Video Workshop

Canine Coaching Foundations

  • Study Level: Foundation
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Do You Want To Accelerate Your Dog's Learning And Build A Lasting Bond?

The Canine Coaching Foundations course is designed to enhance awareness of dog psychology and behaviour for owners. The course has a mixture of videos, presentations and written areas to help the newcomer to positive reinforcement skill-up really quickly and build a positive and kind partnership with their dog. Videos for this course are created by Anna Jane Brehaut who runs the highly successful school Canine Behaviour Guernsey. The course is filled with scientific awareness and clear, professional practical examples.

On successful completion of the course, you will understand;
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Canine Learning Theory
  • Dog Body Language
  • Motivation & Reward
  • Clicker Coaching
  • How To Use Markers