What Is Positive Reinforcement Dog Training?

Learn How To Coach Your Dog With Positive Methods and Force Free Skills.

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Canine Coaching Foundations

A Canine Principles Skill-Hub Course

Do You Want To Accelerate Your Dog's Learning And Build A Lasting Bond?

  • Anna Jane Brehaut/ 
    Sally Gutteridge
  • Study Level: Foundation
  • 12 Videos
  • 5 Quizzes/Assessments
  • 1 PDF Download
  • 5 Online Modules 
The Canine Coaching Foundations course is designed to enhance awareness of dog psychology and behaviour for owners. The course has a mixture of videos, presentations and written areas to help the newcomer to positive reinforcement skill-up really quickly and build a positive and kind partnership with their dog. Videos for this course are created by Anna Jane Brehaut who runs the highly successful school Canine Behaviour Guernsey. The course is filled with scientific awareness and clear, professional practical examples.

Suitable for dog guardians, hobby trainers and rescuers this course will improve communication between dog and handler along with teaching the student exactly how dogs learn. The course and Canine Principles and Canine Behaviour Guernsey only ever teach and encourage positive, scientifically proven and kind canine coaching methods.

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Course Author

Anna Jane Brehaut & Sally Gutteridge

  • Author
  • Canine Coach & Behaviourist
  • Canine Principles Director of Studies
Anna Jane Brehaut is the founder and owner of Canine Behaviour Guernsey in the Channel Islands. A former journalist and news editor, Anna qualified in canine behaviour initially to help her eldest cockapoo who suffered with resource guarding issues. Canine Behaviour Guernsey was founded in 2017 after Anna recognised the need for a full-time practicing behaviour practitioner in the island. She works closely with the local animal welfare charity, the GSPCA, and is passionate about coaching animals with kindness and understanding. She is a member of the Pet Professional Network and has a special interest in resource guarding and scent work.
Sally Gutteridge is a qualified canine behaviour specialist and coach and the Director of studies of Canine Principles.

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