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Sally Gutteridge
As a homebird with a houseful of dogs I have worked on the internet for years. And I can tell you this, online working is a good life, it’s actually an amazing life and it’s the best working life I have ever procured. I was never particularly bright. I didn’t do well at school. I’m also “blessed” with what I consider to be an awful Black Country accent (even the Peaky Blinders couldn’t make that sound good and if Cillian Murphy can’t do it…) Yet I have successfully grown an online presence and business by putting my heart into it. You are absolutely no different! There is a niche out there in the online world for you – there are people stuck at home who need you. There are dogs who will benefit from you sharing your knowledge online. So how do you do it?

There are a few ways to take your knowledge online.

  • You can write, courses, books, ebooks and sell them from a simple website.
  • You can create videos where you sit and teach on camera by sharing your knowledge – scary I know but it gets easier. Think of it as service – not selling, people need what you know.
  • You can create slide shows and just talk – if you’re not ready to go face to face yet.
  • You can do webinars, charging a fee.
  • You can do one to one consultations online with your clients.
  • You can offer bespoke enrichment ideas for dogs – based on their personality and needs. 

You can do anything – you can do this! 

The important thing to do is follow the three tasks above first because they will help you find your exact niche. Your space in the online dog world and if you follow your heart and intuition, you will naturally create the things that matter most to you. And you will naturally reach the people who need you, they will become your customers, they will help you to keep your business afloat.

I’m not a fan of doing things “for” people as I believe very much in you. You already have every single thing you need not only to survive this but to make a success of this opportunity to change direction for a while. You have the inner strength, the skills, the magic even. 

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