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To The Puppy Farmer!

Sally Gutteridge
I have one of your dogs. One of the dogs that bought your house, your car, maybe your holidays in the sun. She's been here for 4 years now.

While I can imagine that you do very little for the dogs you exploit, in this house we do a lot for those you throw away afterwards.

My husband spends hours just sitting and teaching her that he can be trusted, he’s taught her to climb all over him for sweets. When she arrived at 6 years old she was broken, our little dog. Her eyes were blank, and she was a bundle of fear. I bet this lovely man (who didn’t want another dog by the way) showed her more compassion in day one than you did in the previous 6 years.

The thing is, neither of us really wanted another dog, we already had three complicated dogs, but we had a space. A space that we could put right a tiny bit of the huge wrong that you do in the world. We had knowledge, love, food and a spare bed – and we had a conscience.

We called her Holly. She hadn’t got a name when she left you. She was a number, so we called her Holly, it suits her – not that you care.

She’s a Yorkie the size of a Chihuahua – not that you care.

Holly's tiny body is bent all out of shape from 6 years of producing puppies, and she has allergies to everything, because she likely never saw any grass to get a natural immune response, before she left you. Her sight and hearing are patchy.

Holly has a squashed face and breathes noisily. Her lungs pull in the air and spit it out. She is on medication for allergies and for breathing – I hope your house was worth it? I’ll answer that for you - it wasn’t.

Holly has shown herself to be brave, strong and persistent. She’s playful, humorous and a little spitfire of a dog. She learns fast and is determined to get what she wants. She rolls around and plays with her tiny mouth open, nudges our hands for more fuss, loves ripping up cardboard boxes and dances into every day with a smile.

I bet she tried to protect her babies time and again. She has a sore shoulder and a fear of quick movements – did you do that?

In this house we take dogs seriously. We love and we respect them. We play with them, and we dance with them. The other day I was dancing with the dogs and moved a little too quickly for Holly, she dropped to the ground like I was going to beat her – did you do that?

She’s tiny, and yet she’s terrified even after being loved and cared for. She has been with us nearly the amount of time she was with you.

Yet you have left your brutal mark on her. How dare you!

I bet she’s barely the size of your foot, but her actions have told me how you have hurt her.

How dare you!

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