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Sally Gutteridge
Online dog courses are becoming commonplace along with all sorts of online learning. There’s something amazing about being able to learn in your sitting room, a big one for me is that you don’t have to leave your dog (I have serious separation anxiety).

Canine Principles have been providing online dog courses for just under 3 years now, and we have a huge student base of over 5000 – if that’s you, thanks for being here. Our newest venture is a bit like Netflix for dog people, it’s affectionate name is “The Hub”.

I have no idea where the initial thought for the Canine Principles Skill-Hub came from. I think it was probably Claire Mitchell over at The Girls Mean Business. But the actual idea – what I wanted it to become, that seemed to arrive from nowhere. If you’re open to ideas they tend to do that, popping into your head and waiting for you to grab them. This one said to me “why not add a membership service where people don’t have to pay very much at all but have the choice between lots of quality online dog courses and workshops, to skill-up on an ongoing basis”.

Taken with the idea I ran with it and started contacting everyone I admire to create workshops for the hub. I also added a bunch of our Canine Principles existing courses in there and away we went. Three weeks in and the Canine Principles Skill-Hub already has 50 members, 12 different online dog courses/workshops and loads more on order from all the best dog people you can think of.

I’m not a businesswoman – I’m honestly not. I can’t write a sales email to save my life and whenever I try, people unsubscribe. Someone employed me to write their sales emails once – then told me to stop because their customers were unsubscribing in droves. I’m that hopeless at them.

I do have one thing going for me though, and that’s a deep set belief that to succeed in anything we must give more value than our customers pay for (and expect). This is why the Skill-Hub is so low in price. It’s why our courses are so low in price despite being top quality – it’s also the reason I give so much away (and why I would never business my way to millionaire status).

So The Hub came from an idea, it came from a place of wanting to provide online dog courses and workshops to everyone who needed them. It joined an innate need to replace the dominance idea with science and kindness, it came from the heart.

If you have an idea, particularly at present where we all seem to be blessed with extra time, please consider exploring it further. Consider whether it’s coming from your heart, whether you want to follow it through – not whether you can – but whether you want to. Ideas land on us for a reason and if we don’t grab them, they go off and introduce themselves to someone else. Don’t waste them or ignore them, run with them and love them. Because if I can have you reading this and if I can gather workshops from amazing people to show to amazing people; if I can write online dog courses (despite scaring people off with sales emails) you too can do anything you want to.

So here’s your challenge, identify your idea and run with it. Contact me if you want to – I might even be able to help, just don’t let it pass you by because it landed on you for a reason. 

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