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Family Dogs In Lockdown

Sally Gutteridge
It’s not only parents who can go stir-crazy stuck in a houseful of kids. Many family dogs, particularly those with young children need a break from the kids. Usually this is through school and a calm house for a while whilst they are gone.

This week though, most people are going to be at home together, interrupting the dog’s quiet recovery time, making the house noisy and animated all day long. Dogs will struggle – especially if the family doesn’t know when the dog is asking for space. Emotions may become frayed and the dog – particularly if their polite requests are being ignored, may growl for the first time ever. If you don’t know how your dog asks for space, make it part of your plan to learn. It only takes a few minutes to learn the basics. You can learn them from the free course we offer below.

Think about your dog’s routine. He may be used to being fed in an otherwise empty house and suddenly he’s being fed with kids around him. Your dog may be used to quiet and silence for a good chunk of the day and now his ears are dealing with constant noise. His normal walker won’t be fetching him whilst you’re at work all day so he might be confused, wondering where they are. If a dog isn’t given the space he asks for, firmer communication will occur. The dog will start to insist that he’s left alone, simply because he can’t cope.

Everything that happens in a household affects the dog. They feel, hear and experience everything. Loud music, shouting, even fun natured bickering is a stressor for them. Arguing in a house makes them really tense. They feel everything.

So take a moment to consider the dog during this trying time. Give them space, let them hide away if they need to and most of all respect their requests. Because just as we deserve to be heard – so do our dogs.

Be kind to each other but most of all be kind to the dog. 

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