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Dog Trainer Optimism

Sally Gutteridge
99% of the way we see the world will determine how the world is. During these testing times, let's look for opportunity, be adaptive and be optimistic.

We can redefine optimism as positivity with realistic expectation. Optimistic thoughts, feelings and expectations are sometimes innate but more often they must be created and nurtured to become default thinking.

If we were lucky as children, our parents started to forge optimism into us directly after we were born. They set up our environment for excellent learning and parented us with grace, starting our natural optimism early in our lives. Or we may have been emotionally, physically or psychologically neglected and become pessimistic, expecting the worst outcome every step of the way. Most of us are somewhere in between.

People that are resilient practice optimism because it prevents worrying, fortune telling and projecting bad results into the future. It’s actually better to have no expectation of a situation than expect the worst from it.

Pessimistic expectations can make life very difficult indeed, even when it doesn’t need to be. Alternatively, we could take life one moment at a time and make ourself realise that your comfort zone is not the place to grow into our potential.

Forging optimism as an adult is hard, particularly if we have practiced worry for so long. Like any other practice it takes self-exploration and careful awareness of your thoughts, inclusive of the ability to recognise the wild mind, which would wrap you in cotton wool and never let you anywhere near the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Through study we are told that learning optimism is empowering. It is linked through testing to business success and even fewer injuries in sport, by the participants that practice optimism. People that practice optimism present it as a magic ingredient in their lives because everything they expect to go right usually does.

The most interesting thing about optimism and pessimism in our lives is that the same single experience can occur for two people yet their experience of it can be totally different. One will use it to further their resilience and self-belief whilst not even considering any negative connotations from it. The other may see it as yet another kick from this hardship called life, and not see any positivity in the experience at all. Most of us are somewhere in between.

It’s an excellent idea to examine your thoughts when faced with a challenge. What is your natural go-to expectation of the challenge? Ask yourself why! An excellent side effect of growing self-belief through small self-set challenges is the growth of optimism alongside it. 

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