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Sally Gutteridge
At Canine Principles we have seen a huge influx of assessments from people who have precious time now, time to learn, time to study and progress their knowledge. Assessments are arriving in droves and I say bravo to these guys! How amazing that they are using the new free time to move forward in their dog knowledge and plans. It’s easy to ignore things that we want to do but that take us outside our comfort zone, even easier when we are time short and ready for a break after a long day with dogs.

Some people spend their entire lives ignoring their dreams or putting them off to tomorrow, because they simply don’t have time.

Here’s the wonder of today – today we have time. We don’t know what’s going to happen after today, but today we have time. Time to make that video, outline that book, build that blog that you can monetise later, start that subscriber service which focuses on exactly your skillset.

Remember that you are unique, you have a skillset that no-one else can offer, there is literally only one you.

The thing about being a positive and educated dog person is that you have amazing knowledge. It might not feel like it, imposter syndrome might tell you all sorts of things, but you do. Dog knowledge that is science based is sadly lacking on the internet – just as it is in local towns. There are fans of dated techniques everywhere and if being forced to take a break from the World does one positive thing for you – consider it opportunity.

Ask yourself what you would like to use this time for! Do you want to learn more, would you like to create something with the learning you have? Would you like to grow your confidence in front of the camera, do you want to still talk to people about their dogs via facetime or similar? Here are some home based cash-making ideas that you might not have thought of: 
  • Write an Ebook with pictures and turn it into a PDF for sale/donations for download. 
  • Create a simple website and start blogging. 
  • Offer face to face consultations for dog guardians. 
  • Create a set of videos showing canine enrichment and how to cater it to a specific dog. 
  • Transcribe your knowledge through a transcription service into an Ebook. (you don’t even have to write books directly nowadays) 
  • Create downloadable resources such as enrichment sheets. 
  • Create a “socialisation during isolation” guide for download. 
  • Create digital art based on peoples dogs. (if you’re arty) 
  • Show people how to make home-made enrichment challenges for their dogs through videos. 
  • Do online husbandry training, show people how to cut their dog’s nails, carry out tooth brushing etc. 
  • Help people to minimise the change of separation anxiety occurring by providing guidance to help them grow their dog’s self-sufficiency even during isolation.

These were just a quick brainstorm for me. Have a brainstorm of your own but most importantly ensure that you listen to that inner voice that has been trying to get you to do something new for some time now. Don’t avoid that idea any longer, because now you have the time to do it.

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