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Dog Behaviour Courses

Jay Gurden
Behaviour is a fascinating subject. Understanding why we do the things we do is important to aid in tackling any behaviours that are less than ideal and maybe even harmful. This is no less true for the animals we share our lives with than it is for us. The big difference is that our pets cannot explain to us what is going through their minds as they do something in particular. This demonstrates the value for those of us sharing our lives with dogs of searching for some good canine behaviour courses. UK based companies offer a range of courses, at different levels and emphasis on different niches of behaviour, as well as the subject as a whole.

What should we look for in these canine behaviour courses UK dog guardians? The subject of canine behaviour is one that has been studied for many years. For a lot of those years, the subject laboured under a misapprehension, an error based on a flawed scientific study that concluded wolves are locked into a constant fight for dominance, to be the ‘alpha’ and that, as dogs and wolves share a common ancestor, that dogs must be the same. Fortunately, those conclusions are now know to be faulty, and scientists who previously subscribed to that thinking now spread the correct message, that dominance does not exist in that context, and there are no such things as alphas or pack leaders.

One of the first signs of whether the canine behaviour courses UK institutions are offering is worth investing time and money in is whether they are based on the outdated flawed studies, or on up to date science.
One of the first elements of starting to analyse canine behaviour is to learn about how dogs communicate as only then can we begin to understand what their behaviour is telling us. The next thing to make sure that your chosen canine behaviour courses UK provider does then is include information on how dogs communicate.

One of the central things that we always need to keep in mind when thinking about anything to do with dogs is that they do not communicate in the way we do. They do not have the language capacity that we do to use, and so their communication is based largely around body language, ranging from incredibly subtle to very overt. 

All of this communication is often labelled as behaviour, which of course it is, but it is behaviour designed to let the world around them know how they are feeling and what they want. It is up to us to learn how to read their communication, rather than make them become louder and more overt. Would you go to foreign country and just speak louder, expecting to be understood, or would you use a phrase book? Canine behaviour at its root is another language, simply not one of words.

The central thing we must look for in any animal related education, whether or not looking at canine behaviour courses, UK based or not, is that the information contained in it comes from a base of empathy and kindness.
If we can be nothing else with the animals in our lives, we MUST be kind.

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