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Why Does My Dog

Jay Gurden
One of the biggest problems that our pets can face in their lives alongside humans is the disconnection between what the things they do actually mean, and what the human part of the equation thinks that they mean. Due to a lack of understanding, humans may not realise that behaviour is essentially communication. A number of superb canine behaviour courses online are available that can help fill this gap and fix the sense of disconnection.

Old-fashioned dog trainers who have not kept up with the research and science behind the subject of dog behaviour can make all kinds of assertions about why dogs might do certain things or behave in a particular way. One frequent outdated piece of terminology that gets applied to behaviours is that old chestnut of ‘dominance’ which has been thoroughly disproved as applying to dogs in that context. Any of a number of excellent canine behaviour courses online will discuss this fact, and explain why the study of a group of unrelated wolves in a pen in a zoo in Switzerland in the 1930s does not apply to dogs, especially the dog sleeping on your sofa.

Why do dogs do what they do? It will never be to assert dominance, as mentioned above. Dogs do not regard us as other dogs, and they are not going to feel like they are the boss of us if allowed to sleep on the sofa or the human bed. There is always a reason behind a behaviour, something that the dog is trying to tell us by what he is doing, whether it is that he is scared, uncomfortable, in pain, anxious, or another cause. It is important to note that any reputable canine professional will recommend a trip to the veterinary surgery for a check-up in situations where a dog’s behaviour has changed suddenly, as pain or illnesses can cause behaviour change, and the vet should be a first port of call in these situations.

Once the vet has eliminated this possibility, what you can learn from any of the good canine behaviour courses online can help decide the next step, and whether it is something that the guardian can manage at home or whether professional help is required. Taking the time to learn what the dog is trying to tell you and what that particular behaviour can mean is a great time investment for anyone that spends time around dogs. There are some superb communication and canine behaviour courses online, meaning that you can learn from the comfort of your own sofa, and at your own pace.

All canine guardians can benefit from learning more about canine behaviour, and their dogs definitely benefit from the greater understanding that their humans can give them after studying canine communication or canine behaviour courses online. Greater understanding between the occupants of a home leads to greater harmony and understanding in the family. For the investment of a little time, effort, and cost, you can study one of the available canine behaviour courses online and – most importantly – ensure your bond with your dog is as good as it can be.

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