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3 Simple Steps To Successful Canine Coaching

Sally Gutteridge
Canine coaching needn’t be over complicated and we can all be dog trainers if we try. Here’s why teaching your dog something new doesn’t require genius. To teach your dog something new you simply need to motivate him, set him up to succeed and reinforce the lesson. Anyone can do these three things with practice, if you have a dog next to you whilst reading this, why not practice today?

Step One Motivation

We must make learning worthwhile for the dog. Motivation is paramount to quick and enjoyable canine coaching. When did you last do something that took effort, without being motivated by something else? When did you diet without being motivated by fitting in your jeans, when did you work without being motivated by your payday?

Effort without motivation is miserable for us and will be miserable for your dog too. Lack of motivation leaves the brain switched off. The lack of a decent end-result means that we don’t feel like putting in any effort and it’s the same for our dogs.

Step Two - Planning Success

Good canine coaches know the importance of success. Learning shoul