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Search Dog Training - Online

Nov 20 / Jay Gurden
It is a well-known fact that the canine nose is an amazing structure.
Designed to detect analyse their primary means of interpreting their world, scent, it is a wonderful example of evolution resulting in an instrument exactly fit for purpose. This nose is capable of detecting and locating a massive variety of scents, meaning that dogs can learn to find a whole range of different things. Discovering how to coach dogs to do this is where a search dog online course comes in.

The internet has opened up a whole new world of learning opportunities to many of us in all different kinds of subjects, canine topics included, and among these different subjects is the search dog online course. Selecting which provider with whom to complete your search dog online course is something that requires a little reading and research. There are many canine education providers available, but they are not all necessarily equal in quality. For a search dog online course, as with all canine coaching courses, it is important to ensure that they only promote positive, kind, and ethical methods.

Far too many trainers and education providers still exist who base their methods on outdated and unkind theories and techniques. Any methodology that involves causing fear or pain should be avoided. Our relationships with our dogs must be based on respect – not the old-fashioned assertion that dogs should obey our every word because they respect us, but a true and mutual respect for each other. The best human and canine bonds are true partnerships, and this is also the case when working towards completing a search dog online course.

A dog who learns new things via a process of positive reinforcement , utilising reward based coaching and setting the dog up to succeed, is far more likely to be a keen and enthusiastic partner, making the search dog online course much easier and more rewarding for both human and canine participant to complete.

Find the right canine education provider with the best kind of positive, kind, and ethical ethos. As well as showing the human half of the partnership the best way to coach their dog how to search for all kinds of things in almost any situation, these providers will also give the most positive and interactive learning experience for the handler. A fun educational experience on both sides will make working through your search dog online course rewarding for both of you.

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