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Dogs For Adoption - Are You A Potential Rescuer?

Sep 25 / Jay Gurden
You want to add a dog into your family. You have looked at the dogs for adoption in your
local rescue centre and found one that you like. It should be simple, right? 
The process is not always easy to understand for those on the outside, and can appear more complicated than many think it needs to be. There are very good reasons for this.

Any dogs for adoption through rescue spaces have been through some form of upheaval, even in the very best case scenarios. They may have come from a very happy home but have lost their guardians for some reason, and are likely to be lost and confused at their people disappearing. Others that have to go through rescue may have experienced neglect. They may have been surrendered due to behavioural issues, through a lack of appropriate understanding or socialisation as a young dog. They may have illnesses or conditions that require careful management and understanding.

A good rescue centre puts a lot of thought and experience into how they select the right homes in each case of their dogs for adoption. They will go through a process of assessing each dog individually to discover their needs in a new home, what they will require from their new guardians and new surroundings. Potential guardians are also assessed for the level of dog experience they have, the breeds/breed types they are familiar with, how well they may be able to cope with different behavioural characteristics and quirks a dog may have. Their home will be physically checked by some affiliated with the rescue centre to ensure that it is safe for the dog, and suitable for their particular needs.

All of this takes time and experience on the part of the rescue staff and volunteers. They want to get it right, to find the right home for that dog to live in and be loved, as they should, for the rest of their lives. Any attempt at rehoming that goes badly can have lasting effects on a dog, as it adds more disruption and uncertainty into their lives. Even with the assessment process, there are no guarantees the rehoming will be a perfect fit, but it removes a number of potential problems before they can arise.

Going into a rescue centre to find your next canine family member from among their dogs for adoption is a wonderful way to find a new friend. Remember to be patient and work with the rescue centre professionals to have the best chance of finding a good fit for both your family and the lucky dog that comes home with you.

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