Black Dog Friday

Nov 20 / Sally Gutteridge
Have you signed up for anything from our sale? Did you know it ends tonight?
Are you aware there won’t be another site wide sale on Canine Principles until the big summer sale of 2021?
Did you know that you can get a whole year in the Skill-Hub at the moment for £98 and that ends tonight too?

Here’s some important information that we have never shared before: 

About Canine Principles

Here’s something else, Canine Principles was built on faith and continues to grow for the same reason. Our ethos is affordable, ethical scientific dog knowledge for everyone. We know that not everyone can afford to pay thousands to learn about dogs and we don’t want anyone to miss out. This is why Canine Principles exists and it’s also why we work so hard and are not sitting on piles of gold. This is why our courses are high quality yet not high prices and it’s why the Skill-hub is such an incredible bargain. 

About Me 

Every time I see a misunderstood dog in the street, I think of you guys out there making a difference. Every dark morning, I sit writing and creating, answering messages (not all of them nice – but most of them nice) I think of a dog getting out of a prong collar and into understanding. In stark honesty 2020 nearly broke me, but it’s actually coming through the other end, made me stronger. Strong enough to grow Canine Principles bigger and better in 2021. To keep prices low but to raise value more and more. Things I shied away from at the beginning of the ‘year of hell’ are now just little jobs to do that I can easily handle.

About You

I’m so pleased you’re here, every last one of you. Take some time to look around the site, there are 3 free courses on there. The Dog Rescuer’s Guide, Your Dog The Sofa Wolf and Loose Lead Walking. At the very least, take a look at those and share them around if you can. To be fair to you I wanted to let you know that as part of growth I’m curbing my own tendency to have sales – I love a good sale, but I also don’t want to be constantly harping on with a different sale. So, next site wide sale won’t happen until summer 2021.

After today you can join us with a payment plan, but there won’t be any more site wide 50%’s off for a long time. Remember though that you have lifetime access to our courses so if you want something, you can get it now and study when you like.

If you’re getting this and you are already part of the huge and lovely group that is Canine Principles thank you, we love you! If you haven’t joined us yet, why not? Today’s the day.

Love, Sally xx

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